Wine is the new gold.

What better a way to ensure the newlyweds remember the night they kissed at the altar, cringed at their bridesmaid’s colorful toast, and danced the night away with their dearly beloved than over a bottle of wine?

This Anniversary Wine Box has three separate compartments to fill with different bottles to share on future anniversaries. The happy couple can add the Chardonnay that fueled their wedding guests’ creative dance moves at the one-year mark, the Pinot Noir from their first date after five years together, and a truly special bottle for their tenth year as a duo. Once they've tucked each bottle away, they can seal the box with the three embossed red foil seals. Each box is customizable so you can commemorate their bottles with their initials, family name, and anniversary year. For every one you gift, a tree is planted to continue the cycle of renewable resources that went into it. It’s a wonderful way to help any newlyweds look forward to the years to come on their most important day together.

Wine is not included.

To personalize your order after checkout, please email "[email protected]" with your name and order number and let us know your preference for each of the four necessary fields: the anniversary open on years [ex: 1 / 3 / 5]; the first initials of the couple [2 character count limit]; the family name (14 character count limit); and the year of their wedding.