Counter point.

Take home your very own Food52 surface! These heavyweight white marble boards are quarried in Vermont—exclusively for Food52—and they aren't just pretty to look at. Because they stay about 7º F below room temperature, they're useful for countless kitchen tasks like setting out cheeses (no more melty butter and drooping cheeses), and they also retain heat for keeping foods warm.

The matte finish on these boards makes them food photography-friendly (no glares!). Choose from the small narrow, small rectangle, or large square boards and place them directly on top of your existing countertop (or bar cart or coffee corner) when not in use; the rubber feet will keep them in place and they add a clean, instant elegance to any kitchen. Not for use as cutting boards. Tend to spills immediately and do not cut lemons or other acidic items on the board, as acid will cause staining.