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Old Fashioned Popcorn Popper

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Old Fashioned Popcorn Popper
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4.0 Stars
Pros: It works. Easy to use and fun if the power goes out. They are serious when they say "shake continuously". I was rather casual with my shaking and scorched my first batch. There IS a learning curve. The handle is a good length, but I recommend something like a grill or trivet to rest it on while shaking. I used a small fireplace grill that sits about 4" above a bed of coals. You don't want to put it close to high flames. The handle is a good length unless you have a blazing fire. Cons: It won't replace your WhirlyPopper if you pop for a crowd. The metal piece that is soldered to the pan and connects the handle can be bent somewhat easily. You need to exercise some care to avoid denting it, but that could add to its charm. Check it for alignment and correct before you use it. The handle comes in 2 pieces. A metal rod screws into the piece on the pan and the wood handle screws onto the metal rod. Mine needed a piece of plumber's tape. It kept rotating when the handle reached the end of the threaded part. Overall, I recommend it for adding some hygge to your life. Younger children will need some supervision to keep them from turning it into a branding iron.
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