Plated and served.

These plates have us dreaming of picnics. We can see it now: a set of 4 enamelware plates stacked in a basket (they’re sturdy so they won’t break!), pretty enough to be plated with cheese and bread. But why limit them to the great outdoors? We’re using ours everyday in addition to the occasional excursion. They’re also a full inch deep so you can serve saucy pastas and juicy chickens without fear of run-off.

Each plate is hand-spun from high-grade steel then coated in porcelain enamel and fired in the oven The result is a highly durable and colorful set of prep plates that will last a lifetime. Choose from traditional splatter patterns like Grey Speckle and Cobalt Blue Speckle, or opt for a more modern, solid-colored set in White or Gray, both of which have a black trim. Each bowl is finished with a clean, white glazed interior so they mesh well with other mixing bowls and platters in your kitchen. Oh, and did we mention they’re dishwasher safe? Color us impressed.