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(Old) Cedar & Eucalyptus Garland

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(Old) Cedar & Eucalyptus Garland
2.33 Stars / 3 Reviews

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3.0 Stars
Generous Plump Garland
Very nice looking, plump garland. Not very flexible. Eucalyptus overwhelmed the mix and fragrance. It gave off so much that it triggered an allergic reaction and eventually had to move it outdoors. Our home is surrounded by eucalyptus trees but the variety in the garland is different and potentially allergenic.
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Submitted on: 12/24/2019 Reviewed by: Susan C. Option:
1.0 Star
I ordered the fragrant wreath and the garland. I have ordered the wreath before and loved it and I was pleased this time but the garland was dry, dirty and was folded in the box and broken in the middle. It would not straighten out. I threw it in the garbage.
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Submitted on: 12/21/2019 Reviewed by: Kathy Option:
3.0 Stars
drying time
This garland is beautiful and fragrant. Unfortunately it is drying out in record time. It is crumbling and dropping leaves as it dries out. I would order it much closer to Christmas. This year our party was early, but I probably will have to replace it before the family arrives.
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Submitted on: 12/8/2019 Reviewed by: Joanne Option:

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