So money.

There’s something inherently classy about money clips—we imagine pulling these handsome clips from our back pocket to pay for our morning latte and feeling like Don Draper. (Nevermind our bedhead and the fact that we’re wearing a sweatshirt instead of a skinny tie.) Inspired by 19th century paper clips, they come in 4 minimal geometric designs (Niagara, Clipper, House, and the Hope design, which was crafted exclusively for Food52) and are made of solid brass. Eschew that over-stuffed wallet (do you really need all those half-used coffee punch cards?) and opt for something simple. You’ll feel like a million bucks.

The clip is best for use with paper bills and holds 6-10 bills comfortably. If you have less than 6 bills, we recommend folding the bills twice or squeezing the clip to secure. As the clip breaks in and becomes more flexible with use, it will be able to hold more bills.