Soup du jour.

Colder weather brings up thoughts of holidays, gift-giving, and lovely stews to share. Enter this perfectly-sized stewpan set (for gifting or for sharing soup), which comes with a lid, from one of France’s most trusted makers of stainless steel cookware.

New to Cristel? You’re going to need handles, which clip on and off the stewpan with one-handed ease and can be removed for minimalist storage: Choose from a long handle for stovetop shaking and 2 short handles, for moving it from place to place, or just 2 short handles. You can also opt for a steamer, which nestles right in the stewpan for steaming up crisp vegetables to their most saturated colors.

Lid is included with Stewpan. Handles sold separately.

Stewpan: 9.4” diameter x 4.9” H

Lid: 9.4” diameter

Steamer: 9.4” diameter x 3.5” H

Long handle: 7.1” L x 1.2” W x 0.7 H

Short handles: Each is 3” L x 2.6” W x 0.4” H