We could hardly keep it to ourselves.

When asked what the most important part of design is, Paul and Nicholas, the creative minds behind Hawkins New York, say, “To create things that are both modern and timeless, that have depth and warmth.

This dinnerware line, a collaboration between Hawkins NY and Food52, is exactly that: Its organic shape shows the hand of its maker, and its natural gray color is elegant enough to use for special occasions, but down-to-earth enough for weeknight dinners. Nicholas says, “We really tried to think of something that could be used to set a table for twelve but also to eat a pork chop on the couch.”

Round out your collection with a number of larger pieces from the same line: a large shallow serving bowl for everything from pasta to salad, a platter for setting out the main course, and perfect morning coffee mugs. Each piece is cast from a mold of a handmade piece, so it has the look of a handmade item—without the price.