Make it Middle Eastern.

At 17, Felicia Campbell joined the United States Army and was deployed to Iraq two years later. So much more than a collection of recipes, The Food of Oman is her homage to the history, the people, and the ways of life that Campbell came to love in the Middle East. She peppers the book with personal stories of her travels, like stopping off the highway on a rare rainy afternoon for warm Khubz Ragag, traditional Omani bread smeared with creamy, salty cheese. Or walking among market stalls of drying beef and crackling spatchcocked chicken madhbi in the meat-loving city of Salalah. Join Campbell on her travels, and cook your way through the fragrant rice dishes, meaty dumplings, creamy curries, and sticky sweet desserts. Here’s what we’re going to cook first! You?

  • Length: 288 pages
  • Author: Felicia Campbell