No kvetching in this kitchen.

There’s a revitalization of Jewish cuisine happening around us—from the artisan bagel shops popping up on our corners to a renewed interest in the jars full of briny, pickled things usually lost to the backs of our fridges. Modern Jewish Cooking will become your trusty companion in exploring this storied and ever-changing cuisine, that is so much more than matzoh and gefilte fish. Leah Koenig looks at traditional recipes with fresh eyes and modernizes them with bolder flavors and new takes on preparation. A classic Noodle Kugel is perked up with dried cherries and figs. Matzoh finds a new home in a creamy spinach lasagna. And Challah is made new and fragrant with rosemary-roasted garlic. As an added bonus, the last chapter of the book sets out menus for all of the Jewish holidays, including Purim, Passover, and seasonal Friday Shabbats. L’chaim!

  • Length: 352 pages
  • Author: Leah Koenig