Food blog to table.

In Seven Spoons, food blog forebearer (and Food52 contributor) Tara O’Brady makes you feel like you’re standing on the other side of her kitchen counter as she warmly describes her recipes, cracking jokes and doling out indispensable tips. Her detailed instructions helpfully guide you through comforting dishes like Bee-Stung Fried Chicken (hello, hot honey butter) and Rhubarb Raspberry Rye Crumble, while offering plenty of suggestions for how to adjust things to your liking. O’Brady’s conversational and straightforward style pulses throughout—see: A Burger Treated Like a Steak, A Pot of Braised Vegetables. Like a trusted friend, we’ll be consulting Seven Spoons often to help answer that age-old question: “What should I make for dinner tonight?”

Find out what inspired Tara O’Brady when she was writing Seven Spoons, here.

Comes with a signed bookplate.

  • Length: 296 pages
  • Author: Tara O' Brady