Weeknight West African.

Though the West African country of Senegal might feel remote and unknown, the dishes you’ll find in Pierre Thiam’s cookbook won’t be altogether unfamiliar. Senegalese cuisine is full of hearty stews, smoky meats, and rice-based dishes that Thaim has freshly updated with zingy citrus, bold sauces, and dark, leafy greens. Start with the Mango Fonio salad, a grain considered by some Senegalese as fit for royalty, that’s studded with sweet mango and bright herbs. Chicken Thighs with Red Palm-Coconut Rice is a one-pot wonder, easy enough for a weeknight and flavorful enough for friends you want to impress. Finish with something sweet: Banana Coconut Fritters, battered, fried, and dusted with powdered sugar? Between recipes you’ll take in the vibrant photography, depicting Senegalese life as bursting with color, energy, and kinship. If you need us, we’ll be on the next plane to West Africa.

Here’s what we’ll be cooking first from Pierre Thiam’s Senegal.

  • Length: 320 pages
  • Author: Pierre Thiam and Jennifer Sit