When in Rome.

Katie Parla and Kristina Gill's Tasting Rome tips a hat to the city's traditional preparations and turns an eye towards the future with contemporary spins on those classics. These aren't just your typical cacio e pepes and carbonaras (though, they're here, too!).

You'll find a chapter devoted to the off-cuts and organs of animals called "Quinto Quarto", or fifth quarter, a name given to the parts left over after Roman nobles had their pick of the pricier cuts of meat. There are plenty of deep-fried, gooey and salty street food staples to be made, like suppli classici (rice croquettes) and polpette di bollito (deep-fried beef meatballs). And bakers will delight in recipes for ciabattina and thin-crust roman style pizza (accompanied by helpful process shots—so you know exactly what the authors mean when they ask you to gather, fold, or pinch your dough).

Parla and Gill pepper the book with snippets about Roman history and modern life, from the buzzing apertivo culture to the unique cuisine spawned from the city's large Jewish population. So you'll learn about the why behind the recipes, as you work your way through dish after dish.

Tasting Rome is a 2017 Piglet finalist! See how it does here.

Comes with a signed bookplate.

  • Length: 256 pages
  • Author: Katie Parla and Kristina Gill