Double-sided, multi-use.

Your breakfast is about to be bested. This mini griddle, a personal-sized version of this shop favorite, is small in stature but mighty in cooking utility.

On one side is a classic baking steel; flip it over and the other side is a versatile cooking surface with a moat to catch drips. Its small size is where it really kills in the kitchen. Use it as a stovetop griddle and do your best diner impersonation—pancakes, bacon, eggs, the whole nine. Stick it in the freezer for a while and use it as a cold surface for handling dough. It can sub in as an induction plate (but works on gas and electric stoves, too). Throw it on your grill, or in the oven (it even fits in larger toaster ovens). It’s a pizza stone. It’s a cookie sheet.

The only things it’s not? Hard to clean, and too big and bulky to store. At a square 11.5” it fits nicely with your other baking sheets and washes up with soap and water (and will develop a darker patina with use over time). The only problem with it is trying to decide what to cook on it first. We decided on these griddled polenta cakes with caramelized onions and goat cheese.