The new shape on your tabletop.

There are lots of ways to bring new life to your tabletop—color, pattern, mixing and matching. Now we can add shape to that list, with our new, exclusive oval dinnerware. A collaboration with Looks Like White, the hand thrown oblong plates and bowls have a smooth, sheeny glazed finish with a slightly asymmetrical, organic shape and an irregular edge. They’re totally unique: just undone enough, and in a simple, creamy white, still look classic and polished. Each piece is imprinted with a Food52 by Looks Like White stamp on the underside.

Due to their handmade nature, each piece will vary slightly.

Heads up: Due to the way these pieces are crafted, the bottoms are left unglazed (a nice lil' reminder of the fact that they're handmade, we think!).