Seriously sharp knives from a master bladesmith.

Slice, dice, and chop with a knife designed by Bob Kramer, one of the world’s leading authorities on knives. After time spent in professional kitchens, Kramer started driving from restaurant to restaurant in an old mail truck, asking for chefs’ most damaged knives promising them, ""If I don't make them better than new, you don't have to pay."" Long story short, Kramer got paid and a passion was born. One of only 120 Master Bladesmiths in the United States, Kramer is a trusted, experienced voice in knife craftsmanship and maintenance.

Kramer’s knives are designed for long days in the kitchen—the handles are larger, heftier, and rounder than other knives you may be used to, making them extremely comfortable. The Damascus knives have a distinct pattern created by an extremely labor-intensive process combining at least two different types of steel, resulting in a knife that looks as much like an art object as a trusty kitchen tool.

Each of Kramer’s knives is finished with a handmade mosaic pin in the handle; Kramer’s crest of sorts. Gaze at it and be reminded of the craftsmanship, artistry, care, and passion that went into your knife. Then grab a tomato, and slice it cleaner and easier than you ever have before!