Made without the shade.

Shed some new light in your home with decorative edison-style bulbs in all shapes and sizes. They range from standard sized (about 4” long) to bold and oversized (the largest globe is 13” long). The bulbs' filaments are bent into a bevy of patterns—spiraled, zigzagged, caged, and linear. When lit, they provide an extra element of design and delight! You can hang the bulbs bare, making a statement on their own, or add your own lampshade. The bulbs are made of amber-tinted glass, emanating a warm, friendly glow (with the exception of bulb T45, which is made of clear glass).

Choose from a variety of cord kits to go with your bulbs: a standard white or black plastic cord with plastic attachment, a plain or braided black nylon cord with brass attachment, or a plain or braided black nylon cord with brass attachment and a brass plate to hardwire to your ceiling.

Bulbs shown in first photo, from left to right, are: T45, G95, G200F5, A60, G150F2, BVA2125