Stuck on you.

This leather knife grabber is a life-saver in two ways: it saves countertop space and saves your knives from clanging around a drawer, where the blades will dull and are prone to nicks. This grabber is made by stacking sheets of sturdy blonde leather—the same leather that is used for the heels of shoes—and finished with glinting brass mounting screws. Along with the included drywall anchors, hang it close to your knives’ best friend (a cutting board, of course!), or get a little creative with it and mount the grabber near the front door as a place to collect keys. The grabber is constructed with rare earth magnets that are strong enough to hold your largest, heftiest knife. The natural leather will age and weather over time, creating a lived-in patina unique to your use.

Please note that each grabber will vary slightly, as each piece of leather is unique. Mounting screws and anchors are included.