Butter me up.

There are times when we want instant gratification (like opening a bag of potato chips) and there are times when going the longer route makes the end product that much sweeter. This personal-sized churner lets you channel a day on the farm to make your own fresh butter, in as little as ten minutes. Just pour whipping cream into the butter churner, and get to cranking! Included with your butter churner is a recipe booklet. No extra charge for any muscles you develop while churning.

Want to take your butter experience one step further? These 100% beechwood butter paddles are specially designed with deep grooves to remove excess buttermilk from your butter. They’re perfect for shaping butter (and we’ve been known to use them as mini serving trays when they’re off butter duty). Once the butter is ready, serve it up in a classic lidded glass butter dish, which will keep your butter fresh in the fridge and looks beautiful on the table.