Cook in the hot seat.

Never again will you crank the dial of your burner without much thought: Michael Ruhlman’s How To Saute will have you harnessing the power of your stovetop. You’ll learn when to salt, how much to salt, why you should temper meat (bring to room temperature), why the size of your pan is important, and when to use high and low heat.

Using simple, tried-and-true classics as a vehicle for instruction, starting with the iconic Veal Scallopini, Ruhlman walks you through a compendium of techniques. He demystifies the classic sautes (like sauteed spinach, succotash) and includes recipes for traditional pan sauces: remoulade, bechamel, and more. The recipes are accompanied by crystal clear step-by-step photographs, walking you through each integral part of the cooking process. Full of energy and action (Ruhlman even capitalizes verbs in his recipes, urging you to drizzle, coat, and taste), How to Saute will have you wielding that cast iron pan like an expert faster than you can sear that delicious Flatiron Steak with Tarragon Butter.

Your copy comes with a signed bookplate.

  • Length: 192 pages
  • Author: Michael Ruhlman