From the artist's hands to yours.

Made-to-order. Last chance to purchase this Jono Pandolfi Serving Platter before we bid it a fond farewell—snag yours before Sunday 4/22 and your order will ship by 6/1 at the latest.

Jono Pandolfi, the designer behind the first-ever Food52 dinnerware line, has a stunning platter to play alongside your plates, bowls, and mugs. Jono outfits some of New York’s best restaurants with his ceramics, creating an earthy canvas for each chef’s masterpieces. And now, ours, too!

While Jono’s Food52 dinnerware is made using a potter’s wheel (see a video of the process here!), his platter is completely handbuilt—no wheel, no mold, just the artist’s hands. Jono’s expert craftsmanship is apparent with each piece—the tan clay is rolled out on canvas, giving the outside of the platter a fabric-like texture, hand-shaped for an organic and completely unique platter, and finally glazed in a cool white for a smooth finish.

Want to cook the photos? Get the recipe for smoky, cheesy Mexican Street Corn here, shown on the large platter or the crunchy appetizer Crostini Alla Romana, shown on the small platter.

Please note this item is subject to a 10% restocking fee for returns.