The steel standard.

Peugeot is nearly synonymous with peppermill. The classic French brand has been making the highest-quality mills since 1840. You’ve likely seen the iconic design in the hands of your favorite TV chefs, on the tables of scads of restaurants, and on the counters of the smartest home cooks you know. Join the legions of Peugeot loyalists and find out for yourself why they’ve achieved cult status.

Like Peugeot’s classic beech wood peppermills, the “Chef” features a patented steel grinding mechanism that can be adjusted to the coarseness of your liking (and is virtually unbreakable!) It guarantees perfectly cracked, fragrant pepper with each twist. The body is made of stainless steel, and is comfortable to grip while you grind. The mills are marked with "S" or "P" on the metal cap, so you won't get them mixed up. Sprinkle your eggs, or try something a little wacky, like these Chocolate Pepper Cookies.