The essential French oven.

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This workhorse has all the things you know and love about Staub’s classic round cocotte—the indestructible cast iron, the top-notch heat distribution, the spiked lid that keeps the moisture flowing, and the beautiful, easy-to-clean enamel finish. And in that very-versatile oval shape, it’s just the kind of thing we’re using to cook fish, braise and brown meats (hello short ribs and pumpkin chili!), prep soups and get the idea.
Now, let’s talk about that eye-catching deep blue-and-brass combo: It’s part of our first exclusive line of cookware with Staub’s heritage French cast-iron experts (who, fun fact, have been making beautiful, high-quality enameled cast-iron pots from the Alsace region since 1974). And those grey graphite and white shades? They’re two of our other favorites!