Bitter is better.

An amaro, a bittersweet Italian liqueur, is the mystery woman of the bar cart. Unlike whiskey or wine, there is no regulated process for making amari and there is no specific set of ingredients. Created by macerating or distilling herbs, spices, seeds, citrus peels, flowers, barks, and other botanicals, amari are aromatic and complex. Brad Thomas Parsons demystifies the world of the amaro in his book of the same name—unearthing its growing appeal and introducing the uninitiated to its bittersweet flavor. Amaro is a guide to the liqueur, including tasting notes and history behind many of the amari you can find in bars today (and some that require some digging). It's a recipe book for cocktails and desserts where amaro takes center stage. And it's even an instruction manual to creating your very own amaro.

Comes with a signed bookplate.

  • Length: 280 pages
  • Author: Brad Thomas Parsons