So much more than strudel.

Visit Germany and you may experience a wonderfully charming tradition called Kaffee und Kuchen. Between lunch and dinner, many Germans take a short break to gather around a piece of cake and a hot drink. A break for cake?! If that's not a surefire sign that Germans know baked goods we don't know what is.

In Classic German Baking, Luisa Weiss shares the cookies, cakes, tortes, and breads that make up the baking heritage Germany and Central Europe is known for. And as is the case with Kaffee und Kuchen, the recipes are just as much about the ritual as they are about the sweet results. Weiss' recipes include anecdotes behind delicacies like Zuckerkuchen, or sugar cake (in the 1950s, baked in giant slabs at a communal bakery, where people would line up around the block for a piece) and *Kirschstreuselkuchen, or sour cherry cake (preferably filled with juicy produce from one of the dozen of U-pick farms outside of Berlin).

Page after page of buttery, flakey, and crunchy delights will no doubt inspire you to host a Kaffeklatsch of your own!

Comes with a signed bookplate.

  • Length: 288 pages
  • Author: Luisa Weiss