Round Silicone Lids

4.0 Stars / 10 Reviews

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Round Silicone Lids
4.0 Stars / 10 Reviews

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5.0 Stars
Positive--but delayed--gratitude for lids
Son to mother, April 2020: "The underdog Christmas present of the year award goes to the silicone lids in a variety of sizes. We use them constantly!"
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Submitted on: 4/18/2020 Reviewed by: Caroline S. Option: Complete Set of 6, Studio White
4.0 Stars
Very Useful!
This is my second set of GIR lids! They keep foods sealed and fresh for storing in the refrigerator, freezer or on a shelf in the cupboard. On the stove I found the new set easier to pull the edge up slightly to release steam so they can be safely removed from the top of a hot pan. My only disappointment was that they have a narrow pull knob and they can't be stacked together like my first set. Otherwise, I'm wishing Santa would bring me the the oblong and square lids!
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Submitted on: 12/3/2019 Reviewed by: Dorothy Option: Complete Set of 6, Studio White
3.0 Stars
Just one wish
LOVE this, but wish the handle grabber thingy in the middle was trying to grab it & pull it up, you expose yourself to hot steam. Still, it does what we need it to do.
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Submitted on: 9/26/2019 Reviewed by: KPhetteplace Option: 8" (Set of 2), Black

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