C is for… well, you know.

“When you think about cookies night and day for three years … you realize that the cookie-verse is infinite.” That’s the queen of cookies herself, Dorie Greenspan, on her quest to collect over 160 can’t-miss recipes. Cookies are the star of the show here (depicted in all their glory in splashy, colorful, closeup photography)—

In the opening appendix entitled “The Perfect-Cookie Handbook”, Dorie also shares some of her best cookie-baking tips (did you know that you should let your oven sit for an additional 15 minutes after it’s done pre-heating? That way you get a guaranteed hot oven that won’t drop temperature as soon as you open the door to slide your baking sheet in!) and her preferred ingredients and gear for a consistent crumb.

Brownies, bars, biscotti, savories, sweets, jammy, chocolatey, chock fulla nuts, cream-filled and sugar-dusted, iced, frosted… you name it, Dorie’s got it.

We’re most excited (and intrigued!) to try her Lemon-Poppyseed Shortbread, Pecan-Brown Sugar Crack-Ups, Lavender-White Chocolate Sables, Spiced Pumpkin Jammers, and Sesame Sea Salt Cookies. Whew, excuse us while we got preheat our ovens!

Find Dorie’s favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe here.

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Comes with a signed bookplate.

  • Length: 528 pages
  • Author: Dorie Greenspan