Sprout it out loud.

How does our garden grow? Why, in this mountable growhouse—now sporting a new, all-brass getup. It nourishes low-to-bright light loving plants without a wink of sunlight, even if you’ve got a less-than-green thumb. (Simply mount, add plants, and set the timer.) An LED with a built-in timer ensures your plants get just the right amount of TLC, plus there’s an app that lets you control all that glow on the go. Just add water, then let this magic box do its thing.

  • Built-In grow light: The full-spectrum LED (rated at a whopping 92 on the Color Rendering Index, by the way) produces museum-quality lighting—aka, you get true-to-life colors and plants that look just how they should.

  • Eco-friendly & extra long-lasting: That LED we talked about? It uses minimal power and has an extra-long life span (we're talking a 25,000-hour life span, depending on timer settings). Yeah...no need to replace the bulb anytime soon.

  • Smart app enabled: The growhouse has its own on-off switch built right in, plus you can connect it to the Modern Sprout app for customizable programming. (It'll give you pairing recommendations for partial shade, partial sun, and full sun plants, too.)

  • Go-anywhere planter: The watertight planter inside has space aplenty for a few 4-inch potted plants—and thanks to integrated wall mounting hardware, it'll go in any nook you wanna liven up.