We teamed up with Roca Patrón for this set of handblown glasses by Malfatti. The Beacon, New York-based artists created the perfect size for your favorite spirits, served on the rocks. The delicate glasses (in sets of 2) are each unique and slightly imperfect, with Malfatti's signature wavered glass and Roca Patron's bee logo etched on the glass.

We care a lot about how things are made, from the food on our plates to the treasures that fill our homes—and so does Roca Patrón. Roca Patrón is a handcrafted, small-batch 100% Tahona tequila made using a time-honored and time-intensive process where a wheel made of volcanic rock (a, you guessed it, Tahona) macerates Weber blue agave, resulting in a more complex, exciting tequila. We, and the makers in our shop, know the more time taken and attention given to how things are made, the more beautiful (or delicious!) the result!