The sheet to beat.

Every cookie should dream of calling Nordic Ware’s pure aluminum baking sheet home. Why are we so psyched on a baking sheet? The aluminum’s ability to conduct heat kicks every other material to the curb, and means your baked goods (like these nutty Brutti Ma Buoni) will rise and bake evenly; it will never rust; and the reinforced steel rim prevents warping, so it’ll still look and work like new, even after many batches of cookies.

Choose from a quarter sheet, a jelly roll pan, a half sheet (likely the size you’re most used to seeing), or a big sheet, which has 35% more surface area than a half sheet to fit another dozen cookies but still fits most standard ovens. The quarter sheets, half sheets, and jelly roll pans come in sets of 2—you’ll want plenty of these around for roasting brussel sprouts, baking meatballs, and churning out dozens of scones.