Hey there, sprout!

Ring spring in with a seed starter set for ten different flowers and green, from Hudson Valley Seed Company. Grow your own spicy arugula and hearty kale for the most popular salad on the block, and marigolds and calendula for eye-popping color in your own backyard! The set comes with 1 seed packet each of: borage, bachelor buttons, marigolds, nasturtium, calendula, arugula, mache, lettuce mix, trout lettuce, and kale. The seeds are sustainably grown in the U.S.A. and ready to sprout for spring!

  • Contains: Each packet contains anywhere from 25 to 500 seeds, depending on the variety. A majority of seeds are certified organic and are noted as such. Set includes (1) packet of each variety for a total of (10) varieties:

Borage: A beautiful blue edible bloom. Certified organic.

Bachelor Buttons: Feathery button-size blooms of true blues, whites, and pinks. Also known as Cornflower, the Bachelor Button can reach heights of 3 feet and is a great cutting flower.

Marigold Medley: A mix of festive marigolds to bring your garden to life.

Glorious Gleam Nasturtium: Sparkling jewel-toned flowers that creep along 3-foot trailing vines. They’re edible, too!

Calendula: A healing plant with an oh-so-fresh scent and scores of long-lasting orange blooms.

Arugula: Bright and potent green, with a peppery kick. Certified organic.

Mache: Also known as Lamb's Lettuce. A hardy green packed with flavor—eat it fresh or use it as a salad base. Certified organic.

Ultimate Salad Bowl: A blend of bright greens and lettuces, including, mustards greens, herbs, arugula, brassicas, and radicchio. Certified organic.

Spotted Trout Lettuce: A tender, sweet green romaine speckled with red. Certified organic.

Ragged Jack Kale: Tender bluish-green leaves lined with pinkish-red veins. Certified organic.