Fresh produce all year round.

Grow a garden for every season with seed starter sets for spring, summer, winter, and fall, from Hudson Valley Seed Company. In the spring, grow your own chives, carrots, peas, lettuce, and radishes. The summer will bring corn, beans, tomatillos, tomatoes, and zucchini. Beets, kale, gem lettuce, broccoli, and turnips will occupy your fall garden, and in the cold of winter you’ll still have kale, spinach, chervil, carrot, and tatsoi to keep you eating fresh. No matter the season, you’ll have the most popular salad on the block! The seeds are sustainably grown in the U.S.A. and ready to get growing in your backyard!

  • Contains: * Each packet contains anywhere from 25 to 500 seeds, depending on the variety. A majority of seeds are certified organic and are noted as such. Choose between Spring, Summer, Fall, and Winter sets, each of which includes (1) packet of each seasonal variety for a total of (5) varieties.


Chives: An easy-to-grow and essential part of every kitchen garden. Certified organic.

Kaleidoscope Carrot: A crunchy rainbow-hued mix of carrots. Certified organic.

Tom Thumb Pea: Bred for container culture, a shelling pea that will happily travel all over your yard or patio to follow the sun. Certified organic.

Salad Savor: A variety of flavorful greens including baby bok choy, arugula, red streaks mizuna, to name a few! Certified organic.

Radiant Radish Mix: Bright, crisp, sweet, and colorful, a mix of radish varieties for a spicy, peppery bite. Certified organic.


Blue Jade Dwarf Sweet Corn: A bitty, beautiful plant whose kernels turn from white to steel blue when at the peak eating stage, and then turn a bit greener when cooked. The multiple stalks producing 2-3 ears per plant, which are about half the size of an ear of standard sweet corn. Perfect for container gardens! Certified organic.

Tri-Color Bean Blend: A trio of four-petal shaped bush beans that’ll keep on giving. Certified organic.

Purple Tomatillo: Resilient, shiny-leaved plants adorned with ornament-like husked fruit—salsa, here we come. Certified organic.

Fox Cherry Tomato: Perfect, plump, salad-sized red tomatoes.

Cocozelle Zucchini: Summer squash that will quickly become the captain of your garden. Certified organic.


Brilliant Beet Blend: A blend of colorful beets, golden and purple and more. Certified organic.

Dino Kale: Dark green and tender, a beloved kale variety that’s the sweetest of them all. Certified organic.

Little Gem Lettuce Mix: Harvested as mature heads, a cute-enough-to-eat lettuce variety that make a stellar salad with just a simple dressing. Certified organic.

Piracicaba Broccoli: A broccoli native to Brazil and the tropics (but produced on a small farm in Upstate New York!).

Market Turnip: Sweet, crunchy, fast-growing root perfect for snacking. Certified organic.


All Star Kale Mix: A mix of Russian and Siberian kales in shades of green and red. Certified organic.

Bloomsdale Spinach: Large, tender, dark green leaves that thrive in winter and spring. Certified organic.

Chervil: A delicate herb that tastes like a combination of anise and parsley. Certified organic.

Kaleidoscope Carrot: A crunchy rainbow-hued mix of carrots. Certified organic.

Tatsoi: Raw or cooked, a leaf that survives the cold, thriving through fall frosts and into early winter's snow. Certified organic.