One-ingredient (many-recipe) cookbooks.

We’re a world of multitaskers, but sometimes it pays to focus on thing at a time. Short Stacks’ cookbooks are small-format guides to the use of one ingredient, spotlighting some traditional and not-so-traditional uses for a single food. Each volume contains a collection of recipes highlighting, for example, avocados, eggs, peaches, eggplant, ginger, and more! They’re written by well-known chefs and other experts from the culinary world—and their retro-cool design makes them a natural star for the coffee table or cookbook shelf. Collect ‘em all with the 28 volume set, or choose from sets of 6 (see your options below).

Volumes 1-28: Includes all 25 editions listed below as well as the newest editions, Volumes 26-28: Peanuts, Coconut, and Cucumbers.

Volumes 1-6: Includes the first 6 editions published in 2013: Volume 1: Eggs, Volume 2: Tomatoes, Volume 3: Strawberries, Volume 4: Buttermilk, Volume 5: Grits and Volume 6: Sweet Potatoes.

Volumes 7-12: Includes the 6 editions published in 2014: Volume 7: Broccoli, Volume 8: Honey, Volume 9: Plum, Volume 10: Corn, Volume 11: Apples and Volume 12: Brown Sugar.

Volumes 13-18: Includes the 6 editions published in 2015: Volume 13: Lemons, Volume 14: Prosciutto di Parma, Volume 15: Summer Squash, Volume 16: Peaches, Volume 17: Chickpeas and Volume 18: Chocolate.

Volumes 19-24: Includes the 6 editions published in 2016: Volume 19: Maple, Volume 20: Rhubarb, Volume 21: Cherries, Volume 22: Eggplant, Volume 23: Tahini and Volume 24: Ginger.

The Baker’s Box Set includes Eggs by Ian Knauer, Maple Syrup by Casey Elsass, Buttermilk by Angie Mosier, Brown Sugar by Libbie Summers, Chocolate by Susie Heller, and Butter by Dorie Greenspan.

The Sweetest Stack includes Brown Sugar by Libbi Summers, Honey by Rebekah Peppler, and Chocolate by Susie Heller.

The Mediterranean Bundle includes Chickpeas by Victoria Granof, Eggplant by Raquel Pelzel, and Tahini by Adeena Sussman.

The Southern Staples Bundle includes Buttermilk by Angie Mosier, Grits by Virginia Willis, and Peaches by Beth Lipton.