One-ingredient (many-recipe) cookbooks.

We’re a world of multitaskers, but sometimes it pays to focus on thing at a time. Short Stacks’ cookbooks are small-format guides to the use of one ingredient, spotlighting some traditional and not-so-traditional uses for a single food. Each volume contains a collection of recipes highlighting, for example, avocados, eggs, peaches, eggplant, ginger, and more! They’re written by well-known chefs and other experts from the culinary world—and their retro-cool design makes them a natural star for the coffee table or cookbook shelf. Collect ‘em all with the 28 volume set, or choose from sets of 6 (see your options below).

Volumes 1-28: Includes all 25 editions listed below as well as the newest editions, Volumes 26-28: Peanuts, Coconut, and Cucumbers.

Volumes 1-6: Includes the first 6 editions published in 2013: Volume 1: Eggs, Volume 2: Tomatoes, Volume 3: Strawberries, Volume 4: Buttermilk, Volume 5: Grits and Volume 6: Sweet Potatoes.

Volumes 7-12: Includes the 6 editions published in 2014: Volume 7: Broccoli, Volume 8: Honey, Volume 9: Plum, Volume 10: Corn, Volume 11: Apples and Volume 12: Brown Sugar.

Volumes 13-18: Includes the 6 editions published in 2015: Volume 13: Lemons, Volume 14: Prosciutto di Parma, Volume 15: Summer Squash, Volume 16: Peaches, Volume 17: Chickpeas and Volume 18: Chocolate.

Volumes 19-24: Includes the 6 editions published in 2016: Volume 19: Maple, Volume 20: Rhubarb, Volume 21: Cherries, Volume 22: Eggplant, Volume 23: Tahini and Volume 24: Ginger.