All of the cooking, none of the guesswork.

Whether you’re perfecting your crispy-skinned roast chicken game indoors or cranking up the flames under a juicy ribeye on your outdoor grill, this duo of smart, Bluetooth thermometers makes it easier than ever to take the guesswork out of cook times and temperatures—all without having to hover by the oven.

This food-safe, heatproof, thermometer connects via Bluetooth to your iOS device (iPhone or iPad). Download the free app and the thermometer suddenly becomes your best sous chef. Adjust temperatures on the app, or use the stainless steel dial that you can spin to a preset temperature (the chicken icon for when you’re cooking poultry, the pig icon for pork, and so on). Use it to Quickly spot-check temperatures on meat, or leave it in a pot to wait for a liquid or dish to come to the right heat. The cable is durable enough to go in the oven, and the online app lets you graph your results to learn the intricacies of projects like candy making or beer brewing. Both the dial and your device will beep when your food is ready to come out of the oven or off the grill, so you’ll be alerted no matter where you are.

The Kitchen Pro thermometer set comes with two temperature probes: a 3" sharp probe (ideal for checking in on a slow-cooked chicken or a pan-roasted steak) and a 6" round probe (for cooking foods like yogurt, cheese, beer, or candy). Both are made with waterproof silicone cables that are heatproof up to 450º F.

The Grill Pro thermometer can withstand temps up to 700ºF, making it perfect for tackling all your barbecued, smoked, and grilled foods while monitoring the ambient temperature of your grill, so your meats can achieve the perfect doneness every time. It comes with two 4” needle-tip probes with silicone handles and braided steel cables that can withstand bursts of direct flame.