Range Bluetooth iPhone / iPad Cooking Thermometer

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Austin, TX
Supermechanical brings everyday home objects into the digital age to ease modern worries. Founded in 2011, Supermechanical sprung out of designer/software developer John Kestner's graduate work at the MIT Media Lab's Information Ecology research group, where he explored ways to incorporate connectivity into the physical interfaces of everyday objects.
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Range Bluetooth iPhone / iPad Cooking Thermometer
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1.0 Star
Crappy product
This is a really cool looking thermometer. But is Sucks. Much better to go with an old fashioned digital type. This would certainly be better is there were instructions but there aren't any...even on line. It's pretty. The end.
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Submitted on: 8/13/2018 Reviewed by: timothydaly Option: Grill Pro

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