Savor your drink.

These simple glasses were made with everyday life in mind: the light, heat-resistant glass is dishwasher safe and extra-durable, yet is elegant enough for any occasion. The brim of the glass spans slightly outward for a smoother, better drinking experience, while the shape of the glass itself makes holding it up effortless. And in four convenient sizes, these glasses are fit to hold your morning iced coffee, after-work beer, and everything in between.

6 OZ is 3" in diameter x 2.8" H, holds 6.1 ounces; 8.5 OZ is 3.2" in diameter x 3.3" H, holds 8.5 ounces; 12 OZ is 3.3" in diameter x 4.2" H, holds 12.0 ounces; 14.5 OZ is 3.4" in diameter x 4.8" H, holds 14.5 ounces