The daily grind.

Each of these pieces is part of the Shelter Collection, designed in Charleston, South Carolina and produced by a team of artisans in Star, North Carolina. After the closing of a factory in Star left a large portion of the town unemployed, nonprofit STARworks used the vacant building to start a full-scale ceramics and glassblowing studio, reviving the community economy by drawing artisans and craftspeople from all over the world. The Shelter Collection is a testament to the power of art in rebuilding communities.

Your morning coffee just got a promotion to this shapely stoneware mug, which is perfect for holding a 12-ounce pour of brew. It’s made from local North Carolina stoneware and hand-dipped in a matte glaze, leaving a bit of warm, earth-colored clay peeking through the bottom. Its wide, rounded shape and exaggerated handle create a sleek and stunning look and make it a pleasure to cup in your hands. Each one is hand thrown using locally harvested and processed clay and glazes, and the slight variations in the final product makes each one unique.