Barrel of fun.

For the urban homesteader, amateur vintner, or DIY mixologist, no kitchen setup is complete without a batch of homemade vinegar, wine, or whiskey. This countertop 10-liter barrel, handcrafted from white oak in Minnesota, is just the thing to age them in. This type of small format barrel imparts a subtle oak flavor and a touch of color fairly quickly, so you can use your barrel again and again with amazing results every time. The barrels come in three levels of char: toasted, light char, and heavy char. The toasted version is good for aging white wines and light vinegars. The lightly charred barrel is perfect for darker vinegars and kombucha. And the heavily charred should be used for red wines and aging whiskey or pre-batched cocktails. With a hand-carved opening at the top, a handy spigot, and a beautifully crafted base, this barrel makes aging easy, whatever you’re brewing up.