Welcome home, cheese.

How do you store your cheese? Hopefully in a Cheese Grotto, which has been specially designed for storing cheese so that it lasts. The controlled climate is great for hard and soft cheeses alike—no plastic wrap required!—and prolongs shelf life, so you don’t have to throw away any old bits (because there won’t be any old bits!). Its removable shelves make it easy to fit whatever size cheese you have on hand, from big wedges to smaller crottins. Plus, with the optional hygrometer, you can track humidity levels so your cheese is always in a just-right-for-cheese environment. Handmade in Richmond, Virginia, the Cheese Grotto is made of all “green” materials in a classic Arts and Crafts design—so it looks just as beautiful in your refrigerator as it does on your countertop. For the true cheese connoisseur, there’s no better gift.

Each Grotto is handmade to order; slight variation in materials is to be expected!