Tough and tender.

Have you ever seen aprons this luxurious—or this colorful? We hadn’t, either. Handmade in Holland from 100% leather, they’re the softest, most supple colored leather aprons we’ve ever come across. Each offers full coverage and has a large low pocket for holding whatever tools you reach for most, from a towel to a recipe notebook and pen. If you only like one pocket, then the dusty blue or grey apron (with tan accents, carabiners for holding your matching oven mitt, and a buckle closure in the back) is for you: both have a single large pocket with minimal adornments, and the leather is “split,” so it’s incredibly smooth and soft, with no added texture. If a chest pocket is more your style, you have two options: with a heavy-duty brass zipper (in full-grain black, natural tan, or dark rose leather, with adjustable neck strap and leather ties around the waist) or without (in full-grain black or natural tan with buckle closure in the back). Whatever style you prefer, we bet you won’t be able to stop marvelling over the feel and craftsmanship of these aprons—we know we can’t.