Knowledge is power.

Remember the olden days, when, if you wanted to know the definition of a word or where Kalamazoo was, you’d look it up in a big, leather-bound tome? We’re going old-school and bringing back the reference book as statement piece. The dictionary is a Merriam-Webster Collegiate Edition with A to Z thumb tabs for easy word lookup; the thesaurus (also a Merriam-Webster Collegiate Edition) includes both synonyms and antonyms. Both are handmade, bound in a smooth, natural tan vachetta leather—the same used for Italian handbags, and renowned for the fine patina it develops with age. More of a globetrotter? The atlas, also in vachetta leather, features 182 pages of full-color maps, as well as transportation systems and urban points of interest—the perfect inspiration for adventurer and daydreamer alike.