Thrilling grilling.

The three things grill-masters care most about in life? Their meat, their grill, and their tools. We can’t go to the butcher for you or fire up your grill, but we can let you in on this grilling set. Made by Laguiole, the most renowned knife-makers in France, this long-handled pallisander grilling set comes with tongs (perfect for flipping a rack of ribs), a long-tined fork (that lets you pierce meat without shredding it), a super sharp knife (with a hand-forged blade for the finest slicing), and a spatula (for getting even the crispiest bits off the grill). These tools come in a handmade leather roll-up carrying case, so you can store and travel with your grilling set in style (because the true grill-master knows there’s no off-season for grilling).