Lady Falcon Coffee Club

Lady Falcon Coffee Club Signature Bean Blends (2-Pack)

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Lady Falcon Coffee Club

San Francisco, CA
Named for a bohemian all-women’s bicycle club from the 1860s, Lady Falcon Coffee Club is a San Francisco-based woman-run coffee roaster, focused on unique blends of single-origin coffee from around the world. All their coffees are roasted using a vintage cast iron Probat roaster, which contributes to the uniquely earthy flavors and balanced, medium roasts of their beans. Each order comes in beautiful, colorful packaging tied with colored string and sealed with a gold wax stamp.
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Lady Falcon Coffee Club Signature Bean Blends (2-Pack)
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Taste of California
Being a California native who called San Francisco home I am so pleased with my purchase of Lady Falcon coffee. It is uniquely smooth and flavorful that I am at a loss to describe.
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Submitted on: 11/23/2018 Reviewed by: CE M.

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