Global beans, California flavor.

San Francisco-based Lady Falcon Coffee Club is taking a new approach to your morning cup. Creating unique blends of single-origin beans, this woman-run roaster is on a mission to change blended coffees by highlighting unique coffee crops from countries around the world. All their blends are perfectly balanced medium roasts, and each bag comes packaged with colored string and sealed with a gold wax stamp—they’re so pretty, you might be inspired to order one of each.

Street Cred - Espresso Blend Coffee Beans, Lady Falcon’s signature espresso blend, is a mix of beans from Rwanda, Burundi, and Guatemala, with a Bay Area vibe. A shot of this juicy espresso will contain notes of Fuji apple, clementine, and cookie batter. It’s bright and delicate, with just the right amount of oomph to get you up and at ‘em in the morning.

Atta Girl Blend Coffee Beans is a blend of Ethiopian, Guatemalan, and Rwandan beans named for the grandmother of Lady Falcon’s founder, Kitty O’Shea, who grew up in San Francisco’s Mission District. “She used the phrase [atta girl] consistently throughout her long life to shower love,” says Lady Falcon’s founder. With notes of cacao nibs, cardamom, and a hint of sweet peach, this blend will shower your morning with love, too.

Holdin' It Down - 3 Central Americans Blend Coffee Beans has notes of caramel sauce, almond toffee, and Valencia orange—a blend of three single-origin Central American beans that brews up into a toasty and smooth cup.

Epic - 3 Ethiopias Blend Coffee Beans showcases the true variety and flavor of Ethiopia’s coffee crop. This blend—made with beans from Yukiro Cooperative, Dry Process Yirga Cheffe Janbar, and Sidama Nansebo—brews up notes of raspberry compote, red honey, and fudge brownie.

Stoked - 3 Colombias Blend Coffee Beans is a blend of three Colombian beans—from La Unión Productores Aliados, El Tablón de Gómez, and Nariños Veredas Vecinos—and offers a rich, layered portrait of contemporary Colombia’s coffee crop. With buttery notes of baker’s chocolate and honey roasted peanuts, this coffee gives us a lot to be stoked about.

Right On Blend Coffee Beans was inspired by San Francisco’s surf and beach culture, and combines single-origin beans from Ethiopia, Costa Rica, and Burundi for a wave you can ride all day long. Medium-bodied and mild, this cup has notes of creme brûlée, vanilla bean, and orange blossom.