Here, piggy piggy.

In celebration of The Piglet, Staub topped our favorite glass-lidded braiser with a stainless steel knob shaped like a pig—just for us! We only have one batch of these exclusive Piglet pots, and they're only available through the end of the tournament at this special price. Grab yours and go wee wee wee, all the way home.

Staub’s cast iron braiser is one of our favorite multi-purpose pans: It braises short ribs and stews, of course, but it also bakes up fruit crisps and cheesy pastas, roasts chickens, fries fritters, cooks pancakes on its wide flat surface… and pretty much anything and everything else. Then Staub went ahead and blew our minds by adding a lightweight glass lid; now, we can see what we’re cooking while it cooks and steam our veggies in style.