Cup and saucer, meet candle.

In a dinner party pinch we’ve been known to display tea lights in tea cups—which is cute, but (let’s face it) not the most practical way to illuminate a table. So we really love the design of these small glass hurricanes on a ceramic base: The candle holder is shaped like a saucer with a looped holder (making it easy to carry from living room to dining room, or dining room to patio) and the candle sits in a well in the middle. The open-ended glass cylinder is tapered at the bottom, giving the impression that the tea light is at the bottom of a clear mug. Not only is it cute as can be, but the design is practical, too—the tea light won’t slip or slide on the base, and the glass hurricane protects the flame from any strong breezes. It even comes with a box of 6 tea lights from Farmhouse Pottery.