Prepare to be floored.

Floors are often overlooked as a place for adding color and texture to a room, but these mats will make everyone look down. Their natural-patterned designs are inspired by organic materials like Carrara marble, rust-streaked metal, and colored concrete, each of which adds subtle depth and warmth to whatever room you put them in. Made of high-quality multi-layered PVC sheeting—the rugs’ slight padding makes them soft enough that a dropped wine glass won’t break if it hits the floor, and a vinyl coating makes them easy to wipe clean if a drink does get spilled (you know how dinner parties go...). The runner size is ideal for the kitchen and great in a hallway, of course, but we also like it in a kids’ room or next to the bed—when was the last time stepping onto marble or concrete first thing in the morning felt so good?

Each mat color is subject to 5% variance.