Step up your prep.

  • The ZWILLING Pro 5.5" Serrated Prep Knife is great for any fruits and veg, but its serrated edge makes its especially suited for slicing and dicing the more delicate ones—think tomatoes!—while still retaining the ability to cut through tough skins and bread crusts. It can also handle tasks as varied as getting the skin off a grapefruit, slicing meats and cheeses, butterflying chicken breasts, de-veining shrimp, and much more. The blade allows for plenty of knuckle clearance as you chop, yet is small enough for in-hand paring tasks.

  • The ZWILLING Pro 5.5" Fine-Edge Prep Knife is the essential prep knife, perfect for all detailed prep tasks. Its small size makes it your most nimble kitchen companion and feels great in hand.

  • The ZWILLING Pro 7" Hybrid Prep/Chef Knife, with its larger blade, is the perfect mix of a chef knife and a prep knife. It can take on all the big tasks a chef knife can, while maneuvering like a prep knife for more detailed tasks. We love how versatile it is and the extra heft it brings to veggie and meat prep. It really is a can-do-anything sort of knife.

You have a few options for how you want to get set: select either the 5.5" serrated knife or the 7" hybrid prep/chef knife on its own, or go for a handy set of two 5.5" prep knives—one with a fine-edge blade and one with a serrated blade.