Warmth and smoky cheer.

Since 1899, the Müller Company in Seiffen, Germany has been producing handcrafted wooden collectibles, whose whimsical designs are recognized the world over. Once the holiday season rolls around, their figurines and candle holders appear on many a tabletop and mantel.

The smoking men figurines originated in the 19th century, shortly after the pastime of pipe-smoking made its way to the Ergebirge Mountains from England. Each little man has a little compartment for the cone of incense—carefully light it and the smoke huffs and puffs a woodsy, scented smoke through an opening at the mouth.

This would make a lovely gift for friends or family members who love celebrating the holidays with pine boughs and fresh-baked treats (or anyone who likes their home smelling nice for the holidays!). And if you want to really get decked out, check out its cousins, the nutcracker and pyramid.