Fit for a fairy tale.

Since 1899, the Müller Company in Seiffen, Germany has been producing hand-crafted wooden collectibles, whose whimsical designs are recognized the world over. Once the holiday season rolls around, their figurines and candle holders appear on many a tabletop and mantel.

Fans of the classic holiday tale will be charmed by these nutcrackers standing tall at attention, ready to crack whatever nuts come their way. Those stern, grim faces? Turns out, they were intended to scare away evil spirits—but also subtly mock and criticize authority figures of the day (nutcrackers usually depicted soldiers, kings and other powerful people). History aside, we love these figurines for their handcrafted charm and details: Each nutcracker is made up of dozens of individually-carved pieces.

And if you’re really feeling them, check out their cousins, the pyramid, the ornaments, and the smokers.