A brew book to cook by.

You love a good beer. You love to cook. Now learn how to marry good beer with good food in Dovetail Press’s new book The Beer Pantry, by Adam Dulye and Michael Harlan Turkell.

These aren’t your typical “beer” recipes; instead, think smoked beef brisket with rosemary confit potatoes. Think ricotta gnocchi with parmesan brodo. Think duck cassoulet and malted oat pecan cookies and mini stout milkshakes. As chef-owner of The Abbot's Cellar, a James Beard semi-finalist restaurant, and Executive Chef to the Brewer’s Association in 2015, Dulye brings years of experience to the 70+ recipes in the book. Not all the recipes include beer as an ingredient, but all are guided by the principles of pairing with each of the six flavor categories of craft beer: Crisp & Clean, Hoppy & Bitter, Malty & Sweet, Rich & Roasty, Fruity & Spicy, and Sour, Tart, & Funky.

The book also comes with the Capper, a pocket-sized, multi-functional gadget that doesn’t just open your beers, but also lets you seal ‘em back up with total freshness for later.

So go ahead: Stock up on some favorite brews and host a pub night at your place—and put The Beer Pantry on display for everyone to enjoy.